When your love won’t fit in a greeting card

LoveCube is a handsome keepsake box filled with your messages and photos.  Express how you feel with a gift they will treasure forever.

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Tell someone all the different ways you care about them with a lovely box of notes.

There are many ways to show your affection for someone, cards, flowers, or a special night on the town. These are all great ways to express your affection, but what if there was a gift to show how you feel in a way that they’ll not only remember, but treasure forever? A LoveCube is a lovely keepsake box filled with notes, pictures and images that you have chosen especially for that special someone in your life.

  • Easy to Create
  • As unique and special as your relationship
  • A keepsake they’ll keep a lifetime

Every note in your LoveCube is crafted to be a unique expression of adoration and admiration for them. Give a gift they’ll keep forever to look at again and again as a reminder of the times and affection you share.

Whose heartstrings are you going to pull?

Get started by telling us who this LoveCube is for.

Creating your LoveCube is Easy

Follow these step for a truly memorable gift.

Select traits

Tell us about who this is for. We’ll generate 60 notes based on their most admirable traits.


Edit or rewrite the messages to make them even more personalized and unique.


Upload your photos of special places, times or people meaningful to them.


Arrange your images and notes until it's exactly the way you want it.


Give us your approval and we’ll manufacture your unique LoveCube and ship it by express mail.


Watch your special someone react to the most meaningful gift ever!


Not sure what to write or upload? Here is some inspiration.


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