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Creating a LoveCube Is Easy

1. Select traits

Tell us about who this is for. We’ll generate 60 notes based on their most admirable traits.

2. Compose

Edit or rewrite the messages to make them even more personalized and unique.

3. Upload

Upload your photos of special places, times or people meaningful to them.

4. Arrange

Arrange your images and notes until it's exactly the way you want it.

5. Approve

Give us your approval and we’ll manufacture your unique LoveCube and ship it by express mail.

6. Celebrate

Watch your special someone react to the most meaningful gift ever!

This was AWESOME and a very cool idea! I’d recommend it to everyone. I really enjoyed going through the pics & reading all about our family.

Maggie E.

Teacher, Chattanooga TN

It is a lovely box of personally shared photos between contributing family members…[We] enjoyed ours very much especially since we were unable to gather together this past year with the pandemic.

Jennifer H.

Teacher, Tullahoma TN

A great personalized gift for loved ones. Y’all check it out!

Aaron B.

Sales Consultant, Fairhope AL

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Persons receiving a LoveCube have been known to experience the following side effects: Profound feelings of affection, sensations of being admired, skipped heartbeats, lump(s) in throat, butterflies in stomach and an irresistible urge to snuggle warm puppies and cute kittens. Please gift responsibly.