The 3 traits of a great gift

When you search "Best gift I ever received" online, it becomes clear that it's not just the physical object but the significance behind it that makes a gift memorable. Some gifts inherently carry meaning, like diamond jewelry or red roses. Others derive significance from the story behind them or the occasion they mark. A family heirloom, for instance, holds value due to shared history, while a gift commemorating an event like graduation marks a significant milestone.

 While no gift comes with a guarantee of lifelong cherish, the best ones often share common traits. They align with the recipient's desires, create lasting memories, and ideally, offer something they couldn't obtain themselves. Let's delve deeper into these attributes:

A Desired Gift

While some economists deem gift-giving 'inefficient', suggesting cash or gift cards as better alternatives, they overlook the emotional essence of gifts. It's true that an individual knows best what they want; a golfer knows their preferred clubs and an avid reader has their reading list. But think about gifting a woodworker the same hand plane model his grandfather used. Its significance might far outweigh its practical utility.

Meeting a desire can also be about leveraging your skills. If you're an exceptional artist and your friend admires your work, a personalized drawing could be a cherished gift.

 Remember, great gifts can also tap into intangible desires. They can make someone feel admired, adored, respected, or loved.

A Memorable Gift

Keepsake gifts are those that people treasure for years. It's often not about the object but its symbolism. A personalized gift that acknowledges an aspect of the recipient's life they're proud of can be deeply impactful.


The timing of the gift matters too. Amid a heap of holiday gifts, the true meaning of your present might get overshadowed. Sometimes, gifting it during a private moment, where you can explain its significance, can make a difference. If you can't be there in person, make its discovery special – like leaving it beautifully wrapped where they will find it later that day.

A Gift They Can't Give Themselves

Financial disparities might sometimes allow you to offer gifts that the recipient can't afford. While parents might gift children items like bicycles or musical instruments, gifting expensive items between adults can be touchy due to potential power dynamics.

However, many sought-after gifts aren't material. People cherish feelings of adoration, admiration, and love, especially from those they're close to. Gifts that evoke these emotions stand out, as they touch the heart in ways most other gifts can't.

In conclusion, a great gift transcends its material value. It's about the sentiment, the memories it fosters, and the unique value it brings to the recipient's life."