What your guy secretly wants to hear you say

Often, the narrative is that women seek compliments and affirmations. Society paints men as stoic, practical, and easily satisfied by basic needs. Expressions of love like flowers or greeting cards are reserved for women, and the old adage suggests that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. However, this perspective is limited.

When men receive positive affirmations, especially from those they admire, it can become a cherished memory.

  • Men Crave Compliments (They Rarely Get Any)

While women often receive compliments, especially from their peers—ranging from their appearance to their professional skills—men don't experience this as frequently. Male camaraderie usually revolves around playful teasing, and societal norms have conditioned many to believe that men neither need nor desire compliments. As a result, both men and women hesitate to compliment men, with women often fearing potential misunderstandings.

Most men are hesitant to express a longing for acknowledgment. Seeking feedback or validation might be viewed by some as a sign of vulnerability or lack of masculinity. However, on the rare occasions when men do receive sincere compliments—especially on matters they take pride in—they tend to remember and cherish those moments.

  • Men Need to Know They're Appreciated

Society often assumes that men are intrinsically driven by a sense of duty. From a young age, boys are taught that their roles as providers and protectors are reward enough. Yet, in reality, men seek acknowledgment and appreciation as much as women do. Each man values different aspects of himself, be it work ethic, resilience, problem-solving, or appearance. Recognizing and validating these aspects can mean the world to them.

  • Men Seek Unconditional Love

Both men and women occasionally grapple with self-doubt. Everyone wants assurance that they're valued for their essence and not just their actions or achievements. We all yearn for the comfort of knowing that we matter to those around us and that they'll stand by us, regardless of what lies ahead. Expressing gratitude to a man for simply being himself can leave an indelible mark on his heart.

Final Tips:

  • Be Sincere: Given the teasing men often endure, it's crucial to ensure that compliments are genuine and not masked in humor.
  • Be Specific: Highlight particular instances or traits that have left an impression on you.
  • Focus on His Priorities: Recognize and validate the qualities he values in himself, whether it's loyalty, diligence, or ambition in various spheres of life.